Sunday Punday Funday

Yay! It's Sunday Funday. So I've decided to publish my ever first pun. I hope you enjoy it as I always do. I'm in a cocktail party when a rampage breaks, and like a "shepherdless" sheep, I run for my life. Boom! A handsome dude with a fine goatee appears. So handsome I suspect he… Continue reading Sunday Punday Funday


ELP: Call for Application

Emerging African Leaders Program (ELP) is a network of African youths trained to take over the leadership of Africa for good and to the greatest height. The ELP whose mission is to nurture young aspiring leaders for positive social change was launched in 2013. It is a 3-year program designed to channel young people into… Continue reading ELP: Call for Application


If Only…

Above the flower garden But beneath the bright blue sky Perched a colourful butterfly Worrying not like a laddie Though small and mild It flies free and wild Exploring all kinds of flowers With its wings of magical powers Creating scented waves That every human craves Oh, if only I could be it!



The key to overcoming challenges is learning how to pray. Everything good thing is sourced in God, and all of God’s promises have their “yes” or fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ. This in itself should help relieve the anxiety or worry that the flesh wants to control us. With an attitude of thankfulness that God will hear our prayers and requests, we are to make our needs known to him.


The Beauty of the World (Seven Wonders of the World)

It's been a very long time I visited here, and I've missed you all so much. Actually, I went into slight depression because of some things which humanly, I couldn't avoid, and took an unplanned hiatus from friends and blogging, but hey, I'm fine and back. Yay! Well, I think the break did some good… Continue reading The Beauty of the World (Seven Wonders of the World)